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Hire expert developers for your next project

Hire expert developers for your next project

You need to procure WordPress hosting in this approach. There are sugar daddy maryland several reputed WordPress hosting providers. I suggest you use Bluehost WordPress hosting solution. This is a well-known provider with several pricing plans.

InMotion Hosting is another well-known WordPress hosting provider. It provides high-quality services and reasonable pricing plans. You will find the comprehensive InMotion Hosting WordPress tutorials useful.

You can host your WordPress site using GoDaddy, another hosting provider. It provides a free domain name if you buy an annual managed WordPress hosting plan.

Onboarding web designers

Hosting, themes, and plugins make up much of your cost to make a review website in this approach. You need web designers. Web designers have less work in WordPress website development projects. That’s because WordPress themes take care of a lot of the design work.

You need to hire web developers only if you have significant customization requirements for WordPress themes or plugins. Onboard developers with PHP and MySQL skills in that case.

Review website development with custom-coding

While using a CMS like WordPress can help you in launching your website quickly, sometimes this may not be enough. You might need to add customized features, and in such cases, custom development is a better option. I will now explain the approach to develop a review website using custom coding.

A high-level overview of the development

  1. Assemble a skilled and experienced team to develop a review website.
  2. Obtain a ‘Platform as a Service‘ (PaaS) account from a PaaS provider. This expedites development.
  3. Design and develop the website using the appropriate tools on the PaaS platform.
  4. Integrate ‘Application Programming Interfaces‘ (APIs) for addressing core review website functions.

Proactive project management is needed. There are several modern project management methodologies. I had earlier described them in “Top 7 project management methodologies in 2018”. While you can review this guide and choose the methodology that best suits you, I recommend the Agile methodology. It‘s suitable for website development, which is typically an iterative development. You can consult our guide “How to build an Agile development team”.

Building your development team

  • Business analysts;
  • Web designers with HTML and CSS skills;
  • Web developers with Java experience;
  • Testers;
  • A project manager (PM).

It‘s preferred that you onboard a co-located team. However, that may not be possible always. If you need to work with a remote team, then ensure that the PM is experienced in managing a remote team. Our guide “10 essential tips to managing remote employees” can help.

Obtain a Google App Engine PaaS account

PaaS providers can significantly expedite the development process. Cloud computing has provided us with several computing models, and PaaS is one of them. In this model, PaaS providers manage multiple aspects. This includes the cloud infrastructure, networking, middleware, operating system (OS), and runtime. Developers bring their code and data. For start-ups, this reduces the upfront investment on infrastructure.

I recommend you use Google App Engine, which is Googles’ PaaS platform. App Engine has all key PaaS features. It supports popular programming languages like Java, PHP, etc. This is a fully managed environment where the provider monitors and provides diagnostic support. Scaling, security, etc. are its’ other advantages.

Java, a powerful and proven language can be a good option for your review website. On Google App Engine, you can use their Java runtime environment. Google App Engine offers both standard and flexible Java environments. View their offering here.

Depending on your website requirements and design, you will need to select the appropriate database solution. Google App Engine offers both relational and NoSQL databases. Review their database offerings here.