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He scolded the remainder for their childishness and recommended to them for taking this new transmitted definitely

He scolded the remainder for their childishness and recommended to them for taking this new transmitted definitely

Prologue – New Fighters away from Promise

Nagisa earliest seemed once the Warriors away from Promise got over a information networks studio, because they first started having fun with the body of the lifeless journalist. Yet not, their work just weren’t heard, and he went away from the « zombie » together with Kotoko when Masaru and you can Jataro reach chase her or him, up until he tripped. He had been next viewed out to along side it with his possession crossed as Monaca managed the digital camera.

He had been later viewed with the other Warriors regarding Hope during the the main hallway, bringing-up their updates out-of « Li’l Best Societal Education » and you may admonishing Masaru having bragging in the his status because the chief. When Monaca showed up, he moved taken care of on her behalf so you can acceptance Komaru. The guy hurried the team to introduce by themselves and you may showed an immediate response to Komaru making reference to him as a child. He told her one to ages did not amount, as long as one has strength. He comforted Monaca when Komaru disturb their and you can said one to she will be the target of its 2nd game away from Demon Query. The guy together with mentioned that he was in the first place contrary to the games, because there is alot more to be completed to introduce the child’s heaven, however, he decided to assist into request away from Monaca. Soon immediately following Slave turned up and place the fresh new Monokuma wristband into the Komaru, Nagisa in addition to most other Warriors exposed a trap door, and you will Komaru dropped back on Towa City. A while later, he cheered and you will laughed as well as the other Warriors off Promise inside expectation to your game, proclaiming that Komaru might be worth a supplementary higher get once the she had troubled her or him and this, if they failed to strive, they failed to amount whom claimed.

Chapter dos – Legend of Trend

Immediately following Masaru’s overcome, the guy attempts to concern in the event that he was really is inactive otherwise not-proclaiming that the newest Monokuma Children’s declaration merely informed your which he was ‘captured’ of the people. The problem was turned around with the him when Monaca starts to compare Nagisa’s decisions so you’re able to an adult’s, along with his teammates front with her. He could be upcoming spoke off by Monaca, whom manipulates your into confessing their attitude, and that will leave him as well ashamed to carry on. Monaca following chooses to escalate Nagisa regarding vice-frontrunner towards Warriors’ the fresh new frontrunner in the place of Masaru.

Part step 3 – Attractive Women’s Battlefield

After the Komaru and you may Toko’s attempt to contact Upcoming Foundation regarding the top from Towa Tower, Nagisa directs multiple Monokuma Babies into a purpose to help you select where in fact the adults is concealing out, after that concocts a decide to get rid of them in one fell swoop to allow them to its begin to oriented Heaven. He suggests his want to Monaca, Kotoko, and you will Kurokuma in their conference and soon after delivers a beneficial hoard off Monokuma to carry out new resistance foot.

Whenever Kotoko are beaten, Nagisa appear immediately following the woman is protected of the Komaru and you may Toko. He starts of the trying to explain to the two regarding Warriors’ collective anxiety about payday loans without checking account in Collinsville OK grownups, and cause for the hatred. He sees you to definitely, for as long as one another lady remain in Towa Area, their eyes out-of Eden will never be fulfilled, which leads to his decision to allow him or her wade. He reveals his intend to boost the a few escape, proving his seriousness by removing Komaru’s bracelet. not, good Monokuma Kid info all of this and directs the newest clips to Servant. When Kotoko tries to follow him, Nagisa stops her, attempting to secure this lady from any one of Monaca’s fury into the his disturbance on the game.