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Charlie Brown and you can Lucy have trouble getting collectively

Charlie Brown and you can Lucy have trouble getting collectively

Lucy have a tendency to bullies Charlie Brownish for no reason after all; thus, Charlie Brown will tends to make comebacks. not, the two continue to be nearest and dearest, and certainly will go along.

Charlie Brown’s viewpoint from Lucy

Charlie Brown features a serious opinion out-of Lucy, because this woman is always undertaking indicate what to Linus, or losing travel balls. The guy and detests exactly how she constantly calls your names, such as « blockhead », « wishy-washy » and other such things as you to definitely. The guy together with detests the fresh football fun she draws to your him all 12 months. She actually plays so it trick to the him for the Homecoming video game inside the This is your Basic Kiss, Charlie Brown, which leads to Charlie Brown’s teammates unfairly blaming your having costing them the game, even if Lucy was at fault.

In the early times of this new remove, though Charlie Brown had a fairly finest connection with her than he performed in the afterwards days, the guy usually became frustrated by her « fussbudget » identity, and you can became a lot more upset when she got you to definitely once the a fit.

not, even when Charlie Brown does not such Lucy’s imply and you may crabby identity, the guy nonetheless cares on her behalf and you will trusts this lady. In the early weeks, Charlie Brown manage understand stories to help you Lucy, and you can play the role of a parental figure in order to this lady. Charlie Brownish clearly trusts Lucy, because, although she constantly pulls out new activities when draw the girl popular prank into the your, Charlie Brownish nonetheless trusts the girl sufficient to are again the following year, provided that she’s going to perhaps not pull they aside that time. He and trusts the girl sufficient to tell their their issues whenever she actually is inside her psychiatry booth.

Lucy’s advice out-of Charlie Brownish

Lucy tend to mocks Charlie Brownish, and violations him, calling your additional insults, eg « dumb » and you will « weak », though each one of these insults was not the case and you may incorrect. Lucy is oftentimes incapable of understand she’s hurting Charlie Brownish while it is completely obvious (a good example ‘s the above remove). Either she along with teases your on purpose. Even though the lady punishment out of him might be spoken, she really does often fool around with real discipline, such as together notorious sports gag. Lucy brings mean feedback towards better out-of ease, constantly showing zero feeling anyway, following shifting that have any kind of she is actually creating. When Charlie Brown goes wrong during the things, Lucy is quick to suggest it out, as portrayed by the a few pieces from January and you may ed Charlie Brown) where she puts with her a slip presentation of the many out of Charlie Brown’s faults, and subsequently need he shell out the woman an amount of $143 on her behalf attributes.

In the pieces regarding start of Nuts, but not, Lucy are shown to features a simple break toward Charlie Brown. As well as later on regarding the strip’s manage she gives hints to help you relationship which have Charlie Brown. For example, throughout the remove of October 5, 1957, Lucy says so you can Charlie Brownish you to definitely she may someday function as the mom out of their youngsters, plus in one out of Summer 8, 1960, she states to Charlie Brownish that when he was to be this new Chairman of your own Us, she would make a beneficial Earliest Lady.

Lucy shows genuine concern to own Charlie Brown’s health inside the a sequence regarding strips out of July 1979 where son would go to health. On the remove off July 19, 1979, she actually cries along side amount in front of Schroeder, who discovers you to definitely strange considering that Lucy had been managing Charlie Brownish defectively for decades. Regarding remove from July 27, 1979, she actually intends to assist Charlie Brown stop the newest sports and you will maybe not pull it away from your when the the guy recovers.

Throughout the advancing years of your own remove, yet not, Lucy has proven to soften to Charlie Brownish. Such as for instance, the 2 occasionally discuss lifetime within solid wall.